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Funniest is a feature length contest documentary, focusing on the 2015 Funniest Person in Austin Contest (FPIA). Austin is well known to be the live music capitol of the world, but in the past 5 years has started to regularly draw industry from both coasts who are hoping to book the next big comic. FPIA is one of the biggest events of the year that brings out those bookers but it also causes the most stress for comics in the scene.

The documentary is following 6 competitors who take stand up comedy very seriously, all of whom are hoping to be crowned the 2015 Funniest Person in Austin. For some it would be justification to move to a bigger comedy town, like Los Angeles or New York. For others, they are just looking for recognition from local bookers and, more importantly, their peers. Everyone, however, is hoping to win.

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Dustin Svehlak has been FPIA’s primary videographer for 4 years. Not only has he watched every comic in every round of the contest in that time, but he has fostered an incredible relationship with the owners of the contest’s home Cap City Comedy Club, as well as all of the comedians in the scene. He is a very accomplished comedic short filmmaker, and has an independent vision about making this documentary.

Katie Pengra has been an integral part of the Austin comedy scene for 5 years. A comic herself, she has competed in the contest numerous times, and knows the people and landscape of the scene very well. She knows the comedians, the comedy club, and the contest. She made a mini version of this documentary for her master’s thesis project 2 years ago, and has been fighting to make it into a full length feature ever since.