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A fresh­faced 25 year old who is the ‘sweetheart’ of the Austin comedy scene. She has a Kristen Schaal appeal, and is getting a lot of attention from the club and was even flown out to Los Angeles for a Last Comic Standing audition. Moore was eliminated in the first round during FPIA 2014. She came to Austin to pursue comedy, leaving a steady job and her family behind in San Antonio. If she does not advance from the first round this year, it will call into question her decision to move.

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A Pittsburgh transplant, Danny has experienced mixed results when competing in past FPIA competitions, never making it out of the Semi-Final round. But Danny is on an upswing this year. His Abbrev’s website, satirizing upscale restaurants, has received over 1 million visits and earned him national fame. He was also statistically chosen to win FPIA 2014, however he was unable to advance from the first round. Will he finally get over the hump and make Finals?

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Originally from the tough streets of Detroit, Lashonda has a very unique voice and is extremely driven to make comedy a business, and to get famous doing it. Having placed third at FPIA 2014, there are lots of whispers that this is Lester’s year to win. And she has to do it this year because she is never doing the contest again.

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In the past year, Carina has started to transition to a woman. Her marriage has ended and she’s having to relearn how to do comedy (and live her life) as a different gender. She enters the contest thrilled to do new jokes about her new life, but that stage time makes her realize she might not be as comfortable in her skin as she thought.

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A father of two grown children, and a very outspoken cannabis supporter, the last decade has been hard on Montgomery. A tragic accident severely impacted his family and the Bastrop, Texas fires in 2012 led to his home burning down and his business closing. He now spends all of his time running small comedy shows all over town and has become one of Austin’s most prolific performers.

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Having worked with Doug Stanhope as a part of the well known Stanhope ‘Unbookables’ in the early 2000s, Wilkerson has lived and performed in Austin, Texas the better part of the decade. He’s also gained local notoriety for playing Satan at the Moontower Comedy Festival as well as his own annual show, The Austin Comedy Seance. Norm has never been successful in the contest, and has declared that this will be his last time competing.